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  • POSTED 03.06.2011
  • Cheap cars and easy to maintain

  • By Cheap Cars Guy

  • Honda Civic GX Cheap and easy to maintain car.
  • Cheap cars easy to mantain. The Honda Civic isn't only a reliable sedan car with one of the best value on the market, but also is one of the cars with the cheapest extra cost for a period of five years, according to NADAguides..

California - In order to help consumers to have a vehicle they can really pay, NADAguides published a list with the cars of every segment that have the best prices considering the cost of sales (MSRP), taxes, financing, insurance, fuel, maintenance and repairs for a period of five years; costs that are easily forgotten and in a long term can be a surprise.

Ford Mustang GT Premium 2-door: MSRP: $32,845, for five years the price reaches $ 54,281, with an average per year of $10,856.
BMW 1 Series 128i SULEV 2-door convertible 2011: MSRP $34,200, for five years is $58,385, an average of $11,677 per year.

Honda CR-V EXL 4AWD five-door 2010: MSRP $29,745. The price for five years is $46,166, which means a cost of $9,233 each year.
Ford Edge Limited four-door 2011: MSRP $34,220, for five years is $54,048; per year is $10,809.

Luxury cars:
Audi A3 four-door HB S Tronic 2.0 TDI Front Track Premium 2011: MSRP $29,950. For five years, the cost reaches $48,703, which per year wold be $9,740.
Volvo S40 4-door FWD automatic 2010: MSRP: $31,150, which for five years rises to $51,791 and per year is $10, 358.

Honda 4-door Civic GX Auto 2010: MSRP: $25,340. For five years is $39,915, which on average represent $7,983 per year.
Chevrolet Impala 4-door LTZ 2010: MSRP: $29,930. For five years is $47,397 and per year is $9,479.

Nissan Xterra 4-door 4WD 2010: MSRP: $ 30,700 price that for five years rises to $46,517 per year it means an expenditure of $9,479.
Hyundai Veracruz Limited 2010 4-door FWD: MSRP: $34,195. For five years is $53,587 and every year is $10, 717.

Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab 4WD 2010: MSRP: $27,395 with five-year cost of $42,461, which per year represents $8,492.
GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 2WD 2010: MSRP: $33,595, with five-year price of $52,447, or $10,489 per year.

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