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  • POSTED 08.17.2011 — By Cheap Cars Guy
  • Best Cheap Cars For Teens

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The dilemma of parents after their teens get their driver's license, is to decide which is the most suitable car for them. Teens people are one of the most demanding when it comes to buying cars because they look for style, power and technology, but parents want efficient, safe, economical and cheap cars. The cars we present below have all these features, check them out:

Hyundai Accent, cheap car good for teens1. Hyundai Accent: One of the cheapest cars on the market, as its price starts near $ 9.900. It has a fairly simple design but very functional, especially for trips into town. It has a good sound system, iPod dock and USB port, also has a wide range of security features and performance that reaches 36 miles per gallon on the highway.
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Nissan Cube, cheap SUV good for teens2. Nissan Cube: If your child likes to draw attention, for sure he'll like the Cube, it has a fairly radical and fun design wih many customization options. The basic version starts at $ 14.290 and from there you can include Bluetooth, iPod interface, satellite radio or navigation system. It has 122 horsepower and delivers up to 31 miles per gallon.
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Ford Fiesta, nice economy car for teens3. Ford Fiesta: Its redesign has increased its popularity in the segment of teens because its shape and color scheme make it look very cool either in the version of four or five doors. It has a wide variety of accessories and 15 unique technologies for its class, making it look more expensive than it actually is, as its price starts from $ 13.320. In addition to the Ford SYNC entertainment system, highlights the new engine that gives it 120 horsepower and a consumption of up to 40 miles per gallon.
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Cheap Honda Fit, good car for teens4. Honda Fit: Honda's cars stand out for their reliability and this is no exception. Although it looks small, inside offers a large cargo space and multiple configuration options, very useful for young people that spend most of their time in the city but sometimes go out of the boredom for a walk on the road . It has 117 horsepower, consumption of 27 to 35 miles per gallon and features like stability control, airbags, ABS brakes and monitoring of tire pressure. Priced starting at $15,100.
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Cheap Mazda Mazda2, nice car for teens5. Mazda Mazda2: Its design keeps the DNA of the brand and its 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine gives it a consumption of up to 35 miles per gallon and a power of 100 hp, offering the typical zoom-zoom in a concentrated way, ideal for young people who a handling want to experience more exciting. It has a good selection of materials and technologies and in terms of price, starts at $14,180.
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Cheap Kia Soul, great SUV for teens6. Kia Soul: The South Korean brand has improved its product line. In the case of Soul, offers a box-like design that appeals to teens. Just like the Cube, offers many customization options. It comes with 122 horsepower and has a consumption of 24 to 31 miles per gallon and numerous security features that will give much tranquility to parents. Price: from $13,300.
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Cheap Kia Sportage, best SUV for teens7. Kia Sportage: If your child is more the adventurous type, you can opt for a SUV like the Sportage, it offers 163, 168 or 260 hp depending on the version, as well as consumption of up to 31 miles per gallon. It has stability control, ABS brakes, traction control, brake assist, independent suspension, LED lights, ample cargo space and technologies such as Bluetooth, sound system, six speakers, USB port and auxiliary input jack. This SUV has great value since the price starts at just $16,995.
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Cheap Nissan Versa, cool car for teens8. Nissan Versa: It offers an excellent price / quality ratio. For $9,990 you can have a high quality hatchback or sedan, with low maintenance cost, spacious, safe, with good behavior and various technologies, which makes it an excellent purchase for the first car of your child. Their power ranges from 107 to 122 hp and reaches 34 miles per gallon. According to the version includes radio AM / FM / CD with auxiliary input, Bluetooth, moonroof, satellite radio and navigation system.
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Cheap Scion xB, great for teens9. Scion xB: It is the precursor of the box-cars and its design allows a high level of comfort for all the occupants thanks to redesign that the brand gave it in 2011. In addition to its 158 hp, the xB delivers up to 28 miles per gallon and was named Top Safety Pick. It comes with the basic technologies for any teen, such as the sound system with auxiliary input, multiple cargo compartments and security features such as cruise control, first aid kit and stability control. All for a starting price of $16,000.
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Cheap Toyota Yaris, excellent for teens10. Toyota Yaris: For any parent, efficiency, along with safety, will be two crucial factors when buying the first car of their son and the Yaris meets both. It has 106 horsepower, reaches 36 miles per gallon and comes with the Toyota's Star Safety System. Its design is fun and you can give it a touch more sporty with options like rear spoiler, fog lamps and leather steering wheel. Available in sedan and liftback version of three or five doors and its price starts from $12,206.
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Consumer Reports organization recommends for teens to choose cars with strong characteristics in terms of security, such as electronic stability control, ABS, and curtain air bags, as well as good results in crash tests.

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